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Raymond, Jack and Saad, David (2009). Equilibrium properties of disordered spin models with two-scale interactions. Physical Review E, 80 (3), 031138.

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Methods for understanding classical disordered spin systems with interactions conforming to some idealized graphical structure are well developed. The equilibrium properties of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model, which has a densely connected structure, have become well understood. Many features generalize to sparse Erdös- Rényi graph structures above the percolation threshold and to Bethe lattices when appropriate boundary conditions apply. In this paper, we consider spin states subject to a combination of sparse strong interactions with weak dense interactions, which we term a composite model. The equilibrium properties are examined through the replica method, with exact analysis of the high-temperature paramagnetic, spin-glass, and ferromagnetic phases by perturbative schemes. We present results of replica symmetric variational approximations, where perturbative approaches fail at lower temperature. Results demonstrate re-entrant behaviors from spin glass to ferromagnetic phases as temperature is lowered, including transitions from replica symmetry broken to replica symmetric phases. The nature of high-temperature transitions is found to be sensitive to the connectivity profile in the sparse subgraph, with regular connectivity a discontinuous transition from the paramagnetic to ferromagnetic phases is apparent.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:classical disordered spin systems,equilibrium properties,Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model,sparse Erdös-Rényi graph structures,percolation threshold,Bethe lattices,sparse strong interactions,weak dense interactions,Condensed Matter Physics,Statistical and Nonlinear Physics,Statistics and Probability
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