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Armstrong, Richard A.; Cairns, Nigel J.; Myers, D.; Smith, Christopher U.M.; Lantos, Peter L. and Rossor, M.N. (1996). A comparison of beta-amyloid deposition in the medial temporal lobe in sporadic Alzheimer's disease, Down's syndrome and normal elderly brains. Experimental Neurology, 5 (1), pp. 35-41.

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The density of beta-amyloid (A beta) deposits was studied in the medial temporal lobe in non-demented individuals and in sporadic Alzheimer's disease (SAD) and Down's syndrome (DS). No A beta deposits were recorded in six of the non-demented cases, while in a further eight cases, these were confined to either the lateral occipitotemporal or parahippocampal gyrus. The mean density of A beta deposits in the cortex was greater in SAD and DS than in non-demented cases but with overlap between patient groups. The mean density of A beta deposits was greater in DS than SAD consistent with a gene dosage effect. The ratio of primitive to diffuse A beta deposits was greater in DS and in non-demented cases than in SAD and the ratio of classic to diffuse deposits was lowest in DS. In all groups, A beta deposits occurred in clusters which were often regularly distributed. In the cortex, the dimension of the A beta clusters was greater in SAD than in the non-demented cases and DS. The data suggest that the development of A beta pathology in the hippocampus could be a factor in the development of DS and SAD. Furthermore, the high density of A beta deposits, and in particular the high proportion of primitive type deposits, may be important in DS while the development of large clusters of A beta deposits may be a factor in SAD.

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