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Zhao, Donghui; Zhou, Kaiming; Chen, Xianfeng F.; Zhang, Lin; Bennion, Ian; Flockhart, Gordon M.H.; MacPherson, William N.; Barton, James S. and Jones, Julian D.C. (2004). Implementation of vectorial bend sensors using long-period gratings UV-inscribed in special shape fibres. Measurement science and technology, 15 (8), pp. 1647-1650.

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We report the implementation of vector bending sensors using long-period gratings (LPGs) UV-inscribed in flat-clad, four-core and D-shaped fibres. Our experiments reveal a strong fibre-orientation dependence of the spectral response when such LPGs are subjected to dynamic bending, which provided an opportunity to realize curvature measurement with direction recognition.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:bend sensor, long-period grating, special shape fibre
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